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    "Find a man who travels because you deserve a life of adventure and possibility. You deserve to live light and embrace simplicity. You deserve to look at life through the eyes of youth and with your arms wide open. Because this is where you will find joy. And better, you will find joy together."
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    Just glancing at the epic aerial shots above, you’d think they were captured by a professional photographer. 

    In fact, these amazing photos were taken by Wei Gensheng, a crane operator currently working in Shanghai. 

    Crane Operator Takes Stunning Aerial Photos of Shanghai

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    Installations by JeeYoung Lee

    Made entirely without the use of Photoshop, the dreamlike series was meticulously created in her tiny 15m² studio.

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    Fireflies in the Forests of Nagoya City (by Yume Cyan)

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    Compilation of adorable paper dolls by Mibo Design Studio.


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    "Saat hati dan pikiran dipenuhi banyak pertanyaan tapi mulut tak dapat mengatakannya dan tangan pun tak bisa menuliskannya. Harus bagaimana?"
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    Tree by Myoung Ho Lee

    Simple in concept, he makes us look at a tree in its natural surroundings, but separates the tree artificially from nature.

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    A calendar made from tea, one cup per day. 


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